After a very long 2 1/2 days, yesterday at noon the computers came back up at work . AMEN> But what that means is to enter everything on paper that was done for 2 1/2 days- we have to spend another 2 days entering what we did on paper while all along more stuff is coming at us fast a furious.  This has been really exhausting on all our brains, and I am so thankful for the people who have faced the challenges with me.

Tonight after dinner we went to the gym. Dinner has been late this week, I have not been getting home till anywhere from 6:30 – 8 each night. Today was the earliest- I think I arrived home around 6:30. So a quick dinner, washed the dishes, threw in a load of laundry, and off to an hr at the gym. 100_6637As I was elipticaling and biking , I was thinking about the various jobs we have in this world. 

Like a lifeguard… now that is a job you train for the worse..someone in trouble, someone drowning, keeping people safe, assuring they follow the rules, watching for potential problems . Now with all that training, it is a job where you really do not want to ever have to use the things your are certified to do. And if you have a really crappy day, and have to use those skills, the terrible thing etches a memory that will never go away. So as I was moving around in the gym, I was wondering WHY would someone want to be a life guard? I look at the lifeguards at the gym and they look bored out of their minds…. I hate to be bored at my work…. but I think a lifeguard would want to be bored… if they weren’t—well that is where memories are made!

Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 015Than I was thinking about a police officer. Again , you are trained to shoot when being in a life threatening situation; you are taught how to tackle people who are aggressive; you are taught how to Taser people you might have shot in yester-year…; you are taught how to drive super fast and give out tickets; you are taught how to protect the public and help innocent people in situations. Some of the things I think a police officer would look forward to…. but I would not think they look forward to the fatal accidents, the violent criminals, the dark situations of life. Now do tno get me wrong… I am so thankful for people who chose to be a police officer..but I am too much of a wimp to be one myself. If I was a police officer,, I would want to have REALLY boring shifts…

Nursing…. another profession  where you do not want excitement..I chose nursing to help people who need help in their most vulnerable times . And to help people who are dying, to dye with dignity and NEVER alone. I am so far away from reasons I went into nursing, now my position is administrative, and not hands on . But when I was in the hospital, even though I was trained in CPR, and how to stop massive bleeding, and how to do pretty intense procedures, dressings, trach care, enemas, …what ever a pt needed….my best days were those when CPR, hemorrhaging , and respiratory arrest were not part of the day!.

In  so many jobs we train for the worse… yet we really do not want the worse to happen… where I am now – the worse was no computer… but that was nothing like the dangers of other jobs. Yet for some, I think the stress it caused was almost as bad as a person having a massive heart attack on my watch at the hospital . We become complacent with life I think, at least at times, and when we are faced with challenges… I think some of us have a tendency to panic, to forget we are trained to get through the crap..and life goes on.

And ya know what???? I would not trade the challenges for anything. I kinda like them. May you have a non eventful evening…there are some folks out there that are weighing heavy on my mind, for various reasons… you know who you are….My love to all..Mrs Justa alias Cindy