I went to a Memorial ServiceOctober 2011 018 tonight for the woman at church who had cancer. It was a pretty well attended service, it was amazing how strong her husband is , how well her kids are doing.

I watched how at peace they all are, and when her husband spoke, he told of a couple funny times in their past, and when friends spoke..they talked of her love for life and acceptance that the life she lived was worth it, and how she had accepted her next chapter in her existence. I am glad I went… and as I left I wondered about all the people who have died before, and how they left marks in life…how in some small fashion their souls created etchings in others memories.

Pastor Carl spoke that we are not the skin, the flesh, the bones—it is our souls that make up who we are. Our bodies are temporary- our souls are forever.

I took this photo today ,October 2011 016 and I did it because it represented to me phases of life. We change continually as we age and go through steps of life.

I saw this stack of leaves as an example  of life’s lessons. All in one place. Green leaves showing the knowledge we do not have yet, colors to show our wisdom and pride, brown to show the experience of living through stages of life, and there are even some that are close to being dust. There is a song I sing called Sand and Dust… and it basically says we come from a speck—we live life—and we become dust in the end.

I truly believe we have reasons for being here, and I wonder what the list has in store for me. I look at myself in the mirror- my eyes show the same person I was 40 years ago..but take a photo and the eyes are a small portion of the real me—the aging me. My hands – I look at them and they are not mine ( in my mind) The skin is becoming wrinkled, there is a lack of elasticity in them—they can not be my hands. These hands are an image of years of experiences, years of wear and tear….And than reality hits, and I am reminded what my hands have experienced. Making crafts, coloring, writing letters, typing thoughts, holding hands, holding my new born baby, making a hug feel snug, brushing hair , massaging, helping out patients who need assistance, tickling a my son’s back when he was a toddler, petting a dog, preparing meals, climbing trees, the list goes on and on. As I looked at these leaves- I feel like the green one… but am more the curling red ones.

These leaves reminded me—as did the service tonight—that we need to take advantage of every single breath we breathe, every minute in the day, and let others know what they mean to you…..before we are more like the leaves without color- with holes—turning to dust. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy