Today was a continuation of my dental dilemma. I have never been a fan of going to the dentist, but faithfully go. I have been poked and prodded, drilled and glued, yanked and bridged, crowned and filled..

What gets me is there is never an end. Did you ever notice that when you think you have all the fillings done, than the old ones need replacing, or a tooth chips, or something goes wrong….

Heck when I was 21, I remember how proud I was when the dentist finally finished all the things I needed done. Oh I had root canals, fillings, crowns.. yep- I was given an a- okay… and I paid for it as I went along. A proud moment in time. About 6 months after that proud moment in time- I started to get a tooth ache. I went to the dentist, he said I could not have a tooth ache- everything looked great, but he did some  x rays to just check…. well the x-ray showed why I had pain alright—I had gotten some sort of calcium malabsorbtion thing going on and the roots of my $3.000.00 dental work had turned black and were crumbling… .. So off I went to an oral surgeon, a couple hours later and introduction to “happy gas” and the proud dental work was replaced by stiches in my gums and 3 teeth removed, dug out.


Click to viewSo many many dental dollars later- I have been told that previous dentists did things half ass ( sorry kids but I am a little ANNOYED) ( They took my money full assed-but did the job half ass!…) A couple weeks ago I went to my dentist- my 3 tooth bridge was wiggling and there was a gross taste from it.

Now ..what to do….. Begin  Mission el-destructo  — destroy that 1600.00 bridge.and guess what was found out…the dentist who did it- did stuff wrong- and that the tooth it was anchored to had the inside rot out….but wait—all is not bad– —there is a  tooth in front- it  has a 567.00 crown on it—we can destruct that and make a 4 tooth temporary bridge, so off with that crown and with a little molding and shaping- a temp bridge is covering the hole in my mouth where the other tooth is rotted I must go see a MD oral surgeon. …..but wait…. the bridge is attached to a back molar—which had a root canal done-and guess what—that dentist really messed that up I need to get that checked by a specialist too……

today was the day for the back tooth , the one that holds the bridge in place…. with the funny looking root canal –yes today was the day to get checked—and this specialist concurred with my dentist—the person whoClick to view did this root canal did not go all the way down the root- and bacteria has eaten from the bottom of the root that was not drilled out right into the jaw bone area and it has eaten part of the  jaw bone away… .…. so now I have to have both teeth that were the ends holding a permanent bridge in pulled.  And I have to replace the crown on the tooth holding the temp bridge… Click to viewAND  I have to wait 4-6 months for that to heal and than I have to get 2 –3 implants at 2400.00 buckeroonis a shot !. I can not believe this.

I have no choice. That is what sucks…you go to a dentist, you put your trust in them… and years later you find out they were lousy…… so needless to say ,I am not a happy camper right now. And that is my dental dilemma.  ( And yes—I would like some cheese with my whine !)  Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy