Maybe it is just me,imagesCAEC4YQB but what the heck are the “Wall Street Protestors” really trying to prove? Everything seems to be political gimmicks, making things hit the front line media to redirect the focus from real life and real solutions.

I can not believe the hype, the sensationalism that we are exposed to in the name of journalism, and the media making things bigger than they are.

Oh my goodness, let’s look within all the nooks and crannies of our country, and try to see how we can make things better. There were “protestors” interviewed last week, trying to find their stance… the people they interviewed really had no idea what exactly they were trying to achieve, or what the goals of the protest were. They talked in circles, they beat around the bush, some said the expectations were not totally formalized yet. It is all amazing really. It should not be them against us… aren’t we all part of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA>>>

Here I sit, remembering outer banksour trip this past spring to the Outer Banks, and how much money it really costs to be away from home for a week. I could think of better things to do, than be in parks, with a bunch of people who are holding up various signs, seemingly attacking the corporations…. attacking the rich… I don’t know about you, but I think the corporations and rich are paying some folks salaries and wages.

Yes we need more jobs- I am totally aware of that, yes we need fair taxing—that would be an area to work on, yes we need to find a way to save the starving people in this country, yes we need to find ways to make this country strong… but I am not thinking a bunch of people , marching for unknown definitive reasons, is really helping anybody.

Sure this country has issues—fall( seems like most countries have issues) but we need to come together…. stop marching and waving signs, stop wasting time , the time is now for us to not depend on the country to run our lives—but to work together. If the politicians could just stop mud slinging, could just stop looking for parts of others pasts to try to slander them , could stop calling each other names, could actually work on the jobs they were elected to do, and listen to the people –look carefully at every corner in the country, find ways to help one another—I think we would find that the people would rally together to help find solutions. Let’s plant seeds to the future and not throw wrenches in the here and now.

I pray for peace, I pray for sensible actions,I pray that we will find answer.

May your todays and tomorrows  make your yesterdays worthwhile. Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy