This weekend was filled with stuff,,and yet I did not get everything done I wanted to, but I guess that is why God made weekends…I will try again next week.

Saturday Mark and I enjoyed the nice weather, we went to breakfast with our friends, and it was a laundry , grocery, clean the house day. We did have a nice day…

And today….I did get to see Jeff, Amanda,10-9-11 010 Preston and Brandon for a bit today. That was very nice !

10-9-11 003

They are growing up too quickly. We have had so many things pulling us in life, that we do not see each other as much as we would like to. But I savored every second I was there.

And church was this morning, and the gym. So by the time all was done it was 3:00 when I got home. So I worked on preparations for dinner , have laundry finishing up and do the kitchen floor. Worked on the computer for a bit and about to go and grab a warm coffee and settle down.

This morning after breakfast I had some coffee to finish, and as I sat at the table…I listened to life. ya know what I heard… NOTHING> It is so quiet out here that I was distracted by the ticking of the battery clock in the kitchen. I just sat and listened, looking out the slider and the side door at NOTHING> and knowing that in a few months it will be a total different scene.

It was relaxing, it was peaceful, it was cleansing , it was something I do not do enough of. My goodness, it seems like the minutes fly by, busy here and there… and before ya know it life is in the rear view mirror.  As I twisted,bounced and shook at the gym, I was reminded of a woman at church,  she is a young woman ( maybe in her 40s) , who is losing her fight to cancer. And I thought how much I know she wished she could be doing what I was doing right than, but alas—her days are running through her hands like water in a sift… prayers are coming fast and furious…hoping for a miracle. None of us can predict if she will defy the medical prediction—or if the cancer will be her exit to her eternal life.

She was in church a few months ago and told the congregation she knew she may not make it through, and she is accepting that may be her journey… but for that day and every day she had…she will love them as a blessing.  So to this woman… I pray for her strength, her optimism, her acceptance and appreciation. In the morning silence …I had time to just take time and think of her.

Love to all… Mrs Justa… alias Cindy