I am feeling the unwinding from a very busy week..exhausting..lots on my mind. So here is a weekend, and I am already thinking about a bunch of things I would like to get done over the weekend. So on top of being tired from the week that is past—I am exhausted thinking about the weekend.

So what do I do… well I cyberly travel to Africa again. And go figure—there are these 2 birds hanging out at the edge of a creek or river. Now this is the same water I have seen lions, hippos, rhinos, elephants and alligators at. So now I am worried these sleeping birds are going to be someone’s early morning snack. I keep seeing something swimming under the surface of the water, back and forth.. so naturally I am thinking all I am seeing is the eye of a crocodile or alligator, peering at the birds ..who have not moved at all for the past 6 minutes. I keep hearing a splashing sound.. so once again I am worried for the African creatures. Ugg ohh….there is a big animal that is coming into the scene…. phew- he got a drink and left…

This weekend sept 2011 stuff 010is supposed to be really nice. I mean awesome nice… like 80 degrees, not humid, … a good weekend to shampoo carpets, I wanna see the grand babies if I can get over there when they are awake, it has been 2 weeks… Gee time flies. We have had different things going on, various appointments, really busy at work, I have a couple sucky dental things going on, ( expensive sucky dental things) I was in SOOO much pain that when the dentist gave me the Novocain I finally felt at peace!.

But there is more pain before the gain…. in the next 2 weeks.. UGGG>…What sucks is this problem is because a different dentist… a lousy dentist… screwed up putting a bridge in, and now I have to try to get everything fixed  for what is wrong.  GRRRR>

Some people really irritate me when they have a Holier than Thou attitude and they are incompetent.

So now you see why I am pooped !. Off to grab a freeze pop, and settle in for the rest of the night. Love to all, mrs justa alias Cindy