I was at Walgreens at lunch time picking up some Ambesol ( yes I have a dental pain that is driving me nuts!!) and this guy was at the photo counter. HE asked if they do passport pictures and was thrilled to hear they did. I was within eye and ear shot of the interaction between the employee and the man… she told him to stand at the screen. As he stood there, I saw he was standing proud, like he was excited for whatever reason he needed that passport.

Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 008She said to him..”No sir.. you CAN NOT smile.” That seemed kind of weird to me… he was happy. But the government only wants poker face, somber people photographed on their passport photo. She said “ Your face changes if you are smiling..” So the guy tried to frown, it was really quite amusing watching this whole thing in quick glimpses over to their little area… . He was like a kid trying not to smile when being reprimanded by a parent or teacher. He had this smirk that was taking control, so she stood there waiting for the frown face.

I had gone down anotherimigration at airport aisle and she said “Okay we have 2 to choose from..” So I guess he became very somber. He said… “Nwo I get it… everyone is miserable at the airport… so we would never be smiling there anyhow..” As I thought about that, I looked around… man there are a bunch of unhappy looking people everywhere it seems.

Mark has a line that I just love… when someone apologized to him for being backed up or slow..if it was Saturday he would say… “That is okay, I do not have to be anywhere until Monday..” It took away some of the stress and actually put a smile on that person.

There are plenty of things to be miserable about, but we need to try to find rays of sunshine in everything we do. It is hard, oh believe me, I can attest to that. We go through losses, deaths, broken hearts, disasters….. but it is through the really tough times we seem to handle the issues and come out stronger because of them. It may take years to figure out how… but it will come to us.  Heck Mark read today that before we are 65 we should have AT LEAST  $300,000.00 put aside for medical bills !! Well I do not know about you… but with all the past restarts in my life I was hoping to reach maybe 90 grand before retirement. HA… that financial advisor who made that comment would love me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So as I look at it that way… in another 10 years, I will probably be one of the unhappy looking people too. Especially if I can not afford medical care, groceries, utilities and living costs… that is a scary thought…hmmmph… no wonder people are frowning more!

Me.. I am going to smile till it hurts…. ( like my mouth does right bowSad smile ) Peace to all, save those pennies… Mrs Justa alias Cindy