sunset fulton nyWhat is important to you? Someone asked that question and it sounded like a simple one to answer, but if you only had one answer you could give, what would it be.

A question like that opens all kinds of thoughts. Are we talking for the moment ( that the Yankees win!!!) …..or are we talking this month?? well I guess it would be that I find the wisdom to make correct decisions.

Is this a yearly question….that this year bring healthy and happy days… a lifetime… whoa that is scary… what is the one thing important for me in my life… to avoid regrets.. or to live each day as the best I can be…

See it is a heavy question hidden in simplistic clothes.

There are so many things that  mean much to me. Like feeling loved by my husband and family, God,   having people smile, Brandon and MArk walking the doggiving to others, singing, having common sense, taking photos, walking in the sand at  the ocean, sitting on a mountain, reading to the grand kids, hugging the grandkids, hearing my son say “I love you”,friends, family, photos from yester-years,  reading a good book, sewing gifts, cleaning, a clean house, feeling like I made a difference . But to take everything apart and choose one thing— it is tough.

I am exhausted, I am about to head to bed. I wonder what you would choose if there was only one thing you could list that is important to you?

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy