Do you remember ever doing a MAZE puzzle. The ones where you start in a certain spot and the goal is to get to the finish spot without crossing a line.

Like this one..titlesd “an October Maze.. “

At this time of year… in the country… there are farmers who take their corn fields and make them a maze… Seen the signs… not done one… GULP!

See that would creep me out… have you ever walked into a corn field? Sure they have maze rows to follow- but if I made a wrong turn and found myself feeling surrounded  by corn- I would probably freak out.

Here is what one looks like from up above it, now picture this being 7 foot high corn stalks, brushing against you, hovering over you…. eeeekkkkee ……yep… people would hear me screaming on the west coast if I felt trapped in a Corn Maze! Did you ever see that movie “Children of The Corn” ? Well,, That movie and the movie “The Exorcist” made my heart beat so fast, I made a promise to NEVER go to or do FREAKY things.

Okay… back to the maze …. today I felt like I was living in a maze type game, like in a brain teaser puzzle. We live about 27 miles from the dealer where we bought the car I drive. And last night as I was making a left turn out of the final store I was going to for the weekly groceries and stuff… I turned on my directional and it blinked quite fast. BUMMER>>> I knew that meant I had a blown directional, and a left one is not cool—( unless you live in England and drive on the opposite side of the street. LOL . So this morning we popped the trunk and checked out the back taillight area. You had to untuck parts of the trunk and when you get in there… well it is not as simple as it was last time I changed a taillight bulb.. ( probably 15 years ago !!)… So in we came , onto Google… and searched changing the taillight bulb on a Ford Fusion. Much to my despair… all the tales of woe we found were discouraging… some folks stating it is impossible, others that it is the worse part of this incredibly dependable car… so off I went to the dealer to get it changed. Now to do that, and not chance getting rear ended, I chose that I was going to make the trip on all right hand turns, I made it a game.. like doing a maze, figuring how far I had to go past a destination to make a right and another 2 rights to get to where I needed to go.

The dealer got me right in,and in probably 20 minutes or so , I was on my way… the left clicker  now mimicking the right directional as they were clicking at their slow speed… They could have charged a lot more for labor- but they charged 10.00 Not bad , I thought. So I am a happy camper… car fixed, got to the gym.. ( I love going to the gym !) , got the cleaning done, Washed laundry…. did some paperwork, and still had enough umph to share a moment with you ! BUt now I am dragging my butt to bed…. . Love to all, good night….. enjoy the rest of the weekend, Tomorrow is coming quickly !. Mrs Justa alias Cindy.