The nice thing about a new day dawning is we can start a new too.

We can not change yesterday and we have to focus on today and how the todays will affect our tomorrows and our yesterdays yet to be.

That is a pretty powerful opportunity we have.

What comes to mind is our actions, or things we might say. I truly believe that we need to (on the todays )…not say or do things… that when the today turns into yesterday… we will regret.

As the sun rises I feel like I have been dealt a new hand, maybe the design on the card has changed too.

I do find myself dragging along the yesterdays in my life… the things I can not walk backwards and change. Nope gotta look forward.

There is a woman… a very special woman who was a good friend of my siblings..she is much younger than I. She grew up for a part of her life, on the street we lived in. She is dealing with the sobering recent  news that her leukemia has come back. It was touching.. her brother wrote her on facebook something about how he was there for her… and he wished he ahd not gone to work when she came to visit recently… And she gave him encouragement… she did not regret he worked… she portrayed she understood.  She has the most positive attitude and outlook on life, as she is facing days of chemo, and the feelings that go along with the chemo… yet she is a ray of sunshine every time she interacts with others thru the social networks.

Every  day is a new day for her, and a way to start the newness with another positive thing to share. She is amazing…

So Deb… as you endure the chemo , as you are in your hospital be at Club MD ( as you so affectionately refer to it) I dedicate this to you. I pray for the doctors to have wisdom, for you to have strength, for medicine to keep you comfortable, and for time to be everything it needs to be for YOU. My love to all… please say a prayer for those who are dealing with sickness, surgeries, cancer, and losses….. Love Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy