Whoa… “the old song from the 50s… “Irene Goodnight Irene” brings new meaning to me after watching the devastation and after-effects from Irene this weekend.

We, fortunately live far enough in land from the East Coast that we got heavy rain and winds…but nothing like what the coastal areas got. Our red neck deck survived the day, so did our bird bath. We did take our flag down though and we are glad we did. The winds were pretty wild at times.

I am really tired, do not know why, guess the stressfulness of the past few weeks is taking a toll on me.

We did go to a party at my brothers last evening- it was a barbecue to meet our nieces husband. She and her husband just celebrated their 1 yr anniversary, most of us had not yet met him though. They met in the Navy and were wed in Washington State. So we only were represented at their wedding by sending our card and gift to them , and not by being their personally. So it was nice to meet him, I only knew him through facebook for the past year.

Than today we were invited to dinner at Adrianne’s and Josh’s in Rochester. We kinda felt bad for Josh, he was not feeling well, but still put on an awesome dinner. And Adrianne—well she is supposed to be on bed rest, but trying to be on bed rest with a very active 2 year old is not the easiest thing to do. Adrianne is in the end of her 35th week, she is having some prob with high blood pressure… So who knows if she will end up going in early. It was good to see them, we do not see them enough. Mackenzie is growing up quickly, she goes from one thing to the next so fast, it is amazing how much she touches in 5 minutes. She has this incredible interest in bugs. And she was using her pool sifter to try to get any bugs from the pool that had met their demise. She would get them on the sifter and than stare at them. It was really quite amazing to see how fascinated she was by them . She can say 2 three word sentences very clearly…. “open door now” and “shut door now” . She will keep her new baby brother entertained , babies love moving … and Mackenzie is a mover. She is precious!.

And a bummer today….. JEFFS EYE SCRATCHED BY PRESTONThis morning Preston accidently scratched Jeff’s left eye and he now has a patch on his eye, as the cornea was dug pretty well.

Yuck… just the thought of that is kinda creepy.. Thank God it was not worse than it is, but he is not very comfortable. I feel really bad for him , eye pain is very hard to explain, nothing really helps it, and it is scary when things happen to the eye, we need our vision!. Luv ya Jeff… prayers are coming your way !

I hope all who read this survived Irene without much trouble. MY best to all.. until late. Love Mrs Justa alais Cindy