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Well, night number two was not as bad. We got back up to camp with Indi around 12:30 or 1 PM. And he got walked and played with , he met people , he introduced himself to dogs, got to go into the woods and detect with his nose every animal that had been there in the past few days, and in the end, I think he peed on every spot imaginable- so I guess that means he is partial owner of the camping resort now ! Than we brought his bed up from home, I lower the table and made the benches and table as a bed level, cranked on the Air Conditioning ( it was blowing right on his area… ) and he slept more. Still some pacing and whimpering at times, but all in all a better night was had by all. Sometime during the night, Mark got up, grabbed a blanket and actually laid down next to Indi to give him a little comfort.

We are home, laundry done, scary storms came through a few hrs ago just south of us ( thank God), house cleaned, ironing done, made spaghetti sauce—mmm that was good…. has 2 oz wheat pasta cooked up, fresh salad.. ahh it is nice to be back home.

8-12-2011 east coast resort site 72 007Tomorrow is going to come quickly, and I will be thinking about the next time we will be able to go to East Coast again. We are proud of Indi, he proved this weekend he is a camping dog, he did not bark at everyone who walked by, he was comfortable enough to lie between our chairs as we watched the evening fire, and he seemed to adapt more to the environment. However, his meds are making him really jittery at times, but it is the meds, and hopefully he will adjust to them soon.

It is really hard to believe the summer season is coming to an end. It has been a very good summer all in all.. A tad too humid for me, but not a bad summer. I hope it was good for you too.

Lessons of summer…. appreciate every moment, take time to take time, we deserve a break, do what you want to do as life is too precious to be doing things you do not want to do..( work is important but do not let work consume you 24/7),

Take time to : enjoy others : have an iced tea : eat some watermelon:camping 8-19  -8-21-11 001 watching sunsets: watching sun rises:walking in the sun: being lazy for a little bit:watching birds:watching children: sitting around  a campfire: checking out all the flowers:taking a chair and reading a book as the breeze gently keeps you comfortable:….. the list goes on and on…

Peace to all,Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy