8-12-2011 east coast resort site 72 043The nice thing about camping is that you have a reason to do NOTHING. I mean it too. Not a darn thing. The washer and dryer are at home, the computer is shut off at home, 8-12-2011 east coast resort site 72 041and the camper is sitting waiting for nightfall or for supplying a safe haven for a lazy afternoon nap….

You can sit at a campfire, read a magazine, and do absolutely nothing…and it is okay!

It is the only time I give myself permission to not worry about what needs to be done. 8-12-2011 east coast resort site 72 029

Summer is nice, Spring can be, and Fall if it is warm may have a few welcoming weekends too. When we go camping we often go to a place where we have a membership. It is a nice place, clean, and locked place, it is peaceful. Because it is a resort site, they have people cleaning it all the time, garbage pick up twice a day, and a diner, fish fry Friday, entertainment for families, a little mini golf, a pond with paddle and row boats, lots of area to chill, 8-12-2011 east coast resort site 72 025and adult are that has a jig saw puzzle in the process- where you can put a piece or more in place, checkers, games, crafts, and a large screen TV. 8-12-2011 east coast resort site 72 027

When we have gone there I do use the public bathroom for the shower, but we have a hot water heater and running water in the trailer, so it makes it nice for dishes and a place to pee. Smile 

I work 5 days a week, so it is kinda tough to head up Fridays, but we are able to when we have gone. Indi has gone a few times, and other times he goes to the kennel. The only problem with the kennel is he can go in and out go to the bathroom as he wants- and here—well he needs to let us know. So we act like we won a million bucks every time he goes outside, the lady across from us must think we are nuts. He is out there pooping and I am acting like a total lunatic telling him he is a good boy going potty outside… like he understands. 8-12-2011 east coast resort site 72 007

Okay.. thinking about camping has calmed me down. Now I can get up and buzz around here, I picked a huge bowl full of veggies, gotta go wash them up, I have laundry going, and the check book to balance, changing the sheets….. so much to do…………..wish I was camping LOL  Enjoy life everyone..it is all we have… Love Mrs justa alias Cindy