As I sit here tonight, my head is 8-12-2011 east coast resort site 72 061reeling with various thoughts. Like a raging fire, thoughts flickering here and there…. Thinking about some special people in my life who are going through some really stressful times. Wishing I could help out , I can not make the health issues disappear, I can not take away their financial worries, I can not take away the mental stressors, and as I sit here I think about how important it is to have support for others going through trying times.In the end, as we go through various crisis, we have to find paths to get us through. What I think might work for others will not necessarily be anything they think would work.

I can offer me… plain ol’ me…. and  I can pray for them, I believe in the power of prayer.

If they need help cleaning, with laundry, yard work, … I can help out that way.

These people that are weighing heavy on my heart…. a few are all worried about their husbands, another about a man that is very special to her…… In a marriage or serious relationship we become one, And when one part is ill or hurting, it makes the other feel confused, incomplete, and trying to wear the invisible armor of strength, so the other does not see the worry. The unknown of what the future will bring, the uncertainty of June 2011 house, garden, sunset 012what normal will be when everything is over, the concern of the unknown, and the wondering how one person can handle everything alone for a while. When the illness is a mental health flare up, it causes worries about how to help too. It causes uncertainty of what is right or wrong to say or do.

So for all these folks, I hope they know I am a phone call away, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on and helping hands to get through it.For others suffering with problems in life, look for a friend, and share your thoughts with them . Somehow we climb the obstacles in life, we do not know how and than all of the sudden the issues are behind us. We have to look for the rays of light, and keep them in our sight. 8-12-2011 east coast resort site 72 037

My mom used to say… “Cynthia no one ever promised you life would be easy. “ Ha that is the truth.

My prayers are flying with names and situations, hoping whatever the outcomes are, that all involved have strength, wisdom and courage. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy