Okay, another day in history. 8-10-1996 001Our 15th wedding anniversary… Yes, we got married 15 lovely years ago. We went tonight to the scene of the event for dinner.. it was nice… we shared it with a friend tonight. A nice ending to a nice day.

As the day went on, and I rambled through the photo album from that day, I find it comforting that many of the people in those photos, we are still in touch with today. We had a simple wedding, it was the second one for both of us, we had been together for 11 years before we got married… so it was not like those few folks who have saved themselves for their chosen mate.. and are anxious for the reception to end ,,, ( you get my drift!!)

So it was a gathering of friends and family… a time to formalize our commitment we had to one another…something we had been unable to do…because it took 11 years for my divorce to be finalized. But that is another story… another time.

sunset and finished shed 019At any rate… as the day passed today, I thought about the wedding, it was at a restaurant close to us, we were married by the Justice of the Peace, my sister and son were the witnesses who signed our paperwork. The night was pleasant, we did not have tons of people there, probably 32 total… it was not a competition to see how many we could invite—but more a gathering of people who we a part of all we had gone through, friends and some family.

I feel blessed that we have made it through these years… 26 years we have faced challenges, heart aches,loses, gains,  illnesses, injuries, challenges, triumphs, changes and joys…and we have made it through them. We share strategies, we try to figure the best path to take, we have had our frustrations and we have had our joys….I think that says a lot !. For me, to have someone who cares about me, to have someone who wants to spend time with me, someone who is there for me… well what more could I ask for.

So as I close for tonight… I hope you have some one too. And never take them for granted. For days change, life changes in a second… cherish those around you…. I love my family, love my life… and I love Mark… Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy