Okay… so I was making a pot of coffee this morning for the floor- and in the time it took to brew a pot I watched on a TV screen the DOW drop from 250 to 315.

Now I am not much of a financial wonder- but I do know I have tried to put $$ in a 401 K,  it made me feel way too insecure.

So when I got home tonight…. I helped with the push mowing, Mark was using the rider, and as I mowed by the garden, I saw more goodies to pick.Smile The garden is growing !!!.Wall street can not effect that !

Yep…. the financial woes were not seen here….003

I do not understand why with over 30 blossoms on the cantaloupe vines- why we only have one melon… but I am thrilled with the one.

So as I picked these veggies, I began to think about all the what ifs…. what if the bottom falls out of  the financial world…maybe we need to get green houses, so we can grow veggies all year round. I  wonder if that is possible to grow veggies year round in this climate?

Cuz these won’t last for a year !

blossom_end_rotGardening is fun sometimes, a pain other times. Especially when you bust your butt and than the tomatoes get dry rot… 1/3 of the tomatoes had that…

I was worried all of them would be like that… grrrr… but finally they are coming out normal and not like this one in the picture.

Or watching the cantaloupe vines grow, yellow flowers blossoming… and nothing… one cantaloupe…

But it is fun when things go well… zucchini , summer squash, I think we are getting more peppers, lettuce, I think we are going to have egg plant too…

that is the fun time. We have to think positive… have to try to figure a way to make it, even when things seem kinda gloomy.

The investors say this is the time to buy… so I will keep contributing to the 401 K and hope it does not make a total fool out of me… who knows what the answers are… I do not !! Love to all… Enjoy the gifts of nature…. Peace to all… Love Mrs. Justa alias Cindy