This is like what country music is made for , a redneck deck.

It is economical and portable, easy to move to mow around and dries real easy after the rain.

No cement, no posts, no wood to rot…. yep./ Welcome to our redneck deck!

Life seems to be filled with needs and wants, and sometimes the wants can be mistaken for a need.  I see that as we drive by people pools and decks—pools and decks that are there—but no one is on or in them . Those were wants that people convinced themselves were needs.

It is easy to do. Watch people shop, look at all the STUFF we each have. Look at people yard sales… Wants, that were needs or “Have tos” and now are ‘’’ What the heck do I have this for?”

I have this antique clock— 100_6550my mom willed it to me… I dunno why she did, but she did. It is from long ago- it has a key and you wind it to make it work. It is china and gold looking… and she had accidently dropped it once.. ( china does not handle being thrown around… but my mom—she sat and glued it all together…. and than she filled in the cracks with joint compound … than she took it to a clock dealer and got the insides fine tuned… so now I have this china clock—and feel guilty ever getting rid of it… but do not understand why she gave it to me. The joint compound filled cracks  make it a redneck clock , … ahhhh haaaa….maybe that is why she willed it to me… cuz she knew I was a country bumpkin.

I have just in cases… zippers, extra material, buttons, threads…. and those just in cases have come in handy.. I have stuff… stuff that at the time was a need— and now it is a thing— yes we collect stuff… some ( have you seen that show on hoarding… now that is collecting STUFF) … I am not that bad… but I have pens… enough to write with till I die…. and thread … enough to fix quite a few mends… stuff….. And I have my dads old eye glasses… they are from VERY VERY long ago…. they sit by the redneck clock….

I think I will grab an ice tea, wipe the rain off my red neck chair on my red neck deck … and think about stuff…. Have a good one… I love the redneck deck… Love mrs Justa… alias Cindy