sunset and finished shed 017

I love this photo-it reminds me or tranquility. It reminds me of peace, of how each day can end with calmness.

I have no idea who these people are, they had just pushed their boat out as the sun was trying to disappear.

Me, I am not a fisher-person but it is a reminder that we can stop the hustle bustle of life and take time for just us.

For me, I need them to do their thing, so I can relax taking photos of them relaxing. I find the same comfort being on shore photographing the sunset.

The sunset tonight remindsIndi home from the hospital 7-1-2011 001 me also that tomorrow is our trip to Cornell Animal Hospital, for the pet neurologist to see Indi. We have no idea what to expect, and know we do not have thousands of dollars to spend for him to be a test type animal, so we will have to see.

We love that little guy, but the seizures he has can not be good for him, and a definitely very hard for us to go through with him.

Other than that, I have to ask for a few 198845_202160766475064_100000434256934_635956_3823305_n[1]prayers for some people near and dear to my heart. Les and Barb are very very good friends of ours and well they just need some prayers as they are dealing with some health type issues… prayers for strength, for wisdom and patience. And prayers for our little Preston. He is 4 days post op from having a lesion removed from his scalp., Prayers that the biopsies are all good, that he heals well and that the docs accomplished all they set out to do.

(don’t cha love this picture… I got it off of google images.. )
I am going to sign off now… gotta do a time line for Indi for tomorrow. So take care, say a few prayers and I will be back soon. Love MRs Justa alias Indi’s mom… Cindy