100_6729I was thinking today of all the unusual things that happen to us as we live each day. As parents we have many things that happen, as pet owners more , growing up in a large family, having weird things happen in school, all the steppingstones in life, the list of funny times goes on and on..if we take time to remember ….and than working as a nurse has added more experiences.

I was talking to another nurse I work with and was reminded of a day when I was a float nurse. Now a float nurse does not have specific rooms on the medical floor that they are assigned to.. the float nurse helps anywhere , anyone needs help. We had rooms that went from room 23 to 42. All but 4 of the rooms had 2 beds in them. So floating had the chance for anything to happen.

AS the float , I offered to help the staff and do all the pts weights. I got to a room in the 30s and there was a man I had to weigh. I got him out of bed, the scale right next to his bed, and I would always stand close incase they felt wobbly as they stepped on the scale.

AS I am adjusting the weights on the scale, the man starts to sway. I am all alone in the room, the bed behind me, so I did a move that the incredible hulk doing ballet would be proud of, and somehow got the pt from the scale and gently onto his bed… the problem was the I was between his bed and him… so I ended up in his bed with him..

He regained consciousness as I was trying to get the loose legs of my scrubs out from under his back. I did scoot out, repositioned the man, called for help. grabbed vitals, and it was determined he was having a heart attack. So he was transferred to the cardiac critical care unit.

Once stabilized he would probably be back to our floor.. and – about 4 days later, I was the charge nurse, and he was being transferred back to our floor. As I peered over the charge nurse station , I saw him in the wheel chair. I think I did a slight smile, and acknowledged him being there, assuring we would get him to his room in a moment.  I remember this like it just happened… There were a lot of people around the charge desk, and all of the sudden..it was like a light came on in his brain and the patient pointed at me and said with excitement…“ I know you, you were in my bed with me when I had my heart attack!” After the shock as the words sunk into my brain and all the of the looks of everyone around me, I said.. “Yes, it was me who helped you get back into your bed.. “
Was my face red !!!!…..

I am thankful for the memory.. still smiling about it !!.

Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy