What a nice weekend. Oh yeah my legs are not the greatest yet, got a few holes that are not closing..but they are not huge… life maybe a small crochet hook in diameter. But I asked Mark to help me out and put a few steri strips on them, I will call the doc tomorrow morning. Pain.. not bad…just a few tender areas. Blood.. not bad…just annoying- can not go to the gym with blood drops from the back of my thigh.

But the camper is basically ready for its maiden voyage, whenever that may be. I am blessed to have a job to go to tomorrow, and will be doing so for many many years. So it is comforting to know we just need to add some groceries and we are basically ready to go anywhere.

Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 130It is weird how life has a tendency to change how we look at things. There was a point in my life when I thought I could never ever go to a southern area for a few months in the winter, and than head back up here after.. well ya know what… I am liking the thought now that we have the camper. It opens up avenues for the future.

I figure I will be working till at least my mid 60s, but if we keep this in good shape, we should be able to pack up and head for the better weather for the worse winter months here.

We both raised our kids to be independent, and they are. I am sure they both love the fact that we are alive, to know we are here, that if they asked for help we would do what we could…. …. but they do not have a dependence on us that would cause strong guilt by doing the snow bird thing in future years. They are grown up, their most important things in their lives are no longer us—it is their new families, their jobs..their lives. It is comforting to know they would not fall apart if we were not around.

My mom was like that with me too. She untied the apron strings, she set me free,, let me make my choices and mistakes.. ( and I got to be an expert in mistakes !!) I always knew there was a place in her home to lay my head down if needed, but I never felt I would be unable to live without her. Oh it hurt terribly when she died… because I knew she would no longer be here on earth…. but as far as me living day to day…. I was okay, I did not depend on her for my existence…. Our kids will be the same way when we get out of dodge for the winter months.

So I am looking Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 638forward to going to work, working for today, and tomorrow, and the next number of years. Working so one day I will not need to. I want to work till we get the house , camper and truck pd off…. ( HA the house is on track for MANY years>>>> so we are trying to pay anything extra on it we can…)

But even If it is possible to no longer work full time, someday far far away….….  I truly believe I will need to do something. I love the people contact, the challenging of my brain, the different surprises that come each day. SO I am off to get ready to return to the world of the working. I have been off 5 days…. Have a great 4 DAY WEEK  Smile

Thanks for stopping by…. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy