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100_6246   Just as a follow up  my surgery… it went okay.  I was prescribed a Lidocane cream to apply to my legs 2 hrs before the procedure, front and back…. . The nurse had not mentioned everything I needed to know …but I did not know that till midnight .. the night of the procedure.. and I rip open the Walmart prescription bag and read the instruction label.

“ Apply to area 2 hours before procedure.”. ( that is cool ..that is kinda like what she said—she had said to put it everywhere) but than it said “ wrap area in cellophane !!!”

So here I am, at midnight looking on line is Saran Wrap is cellophane… The results kept saying NO!! Great…. the internet search is advising to get cellophane at a craft store… none of those are open at midnight.

So than I go on searching about Lidocaine cream and saran wrap… as that is all I have for this pre-procedure treatment. The first article I come across is about a 20 +  woman who was found unresponsive in her car with some sort of plastic wrap and cream all over her legs. Turned out is was saran wrap and lidocaine cream..she was on her way to get laser hair removal and had applied the cream to avoid pain with the treatment.

Guess what happened is the plastic wrap keeps the lidocaine from rubbing off, and it get soaked in through the skin…and this poor lady put too much of wrap and cream on and ended up going into a coma and dying. UGGG now what the heck do I do? So I called a pharmacy in town that is open 24 hrs and asked the pharmacist—he said it would be okay to just put the cream on…

So I decided I would definitely not COAT my legs with the cream……..and I would just apply it over the areas I figured he was gonna stab… it was kinda slimy  so I decided to use small amounts of saran wrap on the right leg ( cuz I knew for sure he was doing the right leg) —and cream without wrap on the left. Than the pants I wore were wind pants- I figured they would be like saran wrap but not too suffocating.

Obviously I made it through… but I laughed to myself when the nurse came out at 9 and asked if I was all wrapped up in cellophane… I think I ended up with about 19 stab marks on my right leg. About 12 areas where he had to inject a medication to discourage bleeding and than 16 areas in the left leg he did sclerotherapy.  It was an interesting experience…I asked what to expect.. he said no bleeding should occur, bruising for sure and discomfort for a few days. During the procedure they have an IV back with numbing fluid that they put in the legs ..so he said I would be draining that from the areas with the stabs for a day or so.

So I go home… doing a little walking  ( per orders) and went to sit down for a little bit… I felt a warmth on my r leg and touched it , only to discover blood EVERYWHERE!! It was gross… So I applied all sorts of pressure, iced it, laid on a spare bed and put it on 2 big pillows… it was kinda scary… my wind pants were soaked, the support thigh high was looking like I was shot…but today I have been walking more and no bleeding…so I think the healing phase is over. Discomfort is not bad… and I am looking forward to tomorrow around noon when I can take off these support hose… ( although I did take off the blood soaked one and put the left leg one on the right leg…and a knee high on the left leg-so I could wash out the bloody one.There was no way I was going to keep it on for 48 hrs…. it would have really gotten stinky and bacteria issues… On the road to healing… will I do it again.. if I need to… but I hope I do not. Smile Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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