UGG> tomorrow is the day, for I am not sure what. this is kinda crazy.. I know I am going to have one or two legs worked on, I know it is an in office procedure, I know it will be about 2 hrs.

What I do not know is WHAT procedure it is.                                                                                                                                                                                                  It might be the endovenous laser surgery,









it might be stab phlebectomies.








I just do not know the final game plan- he said both.

What I do know is when they are done I should not have to worry about another phlebitis happening because of the veins in my leg..and I know that the pain when I sit in certain places should be gone, and the leg pain at night should be gone.

So whatever the doctor is doing.. I am looking forward to it in an apprehensive way. Wish me luck !!!

This weekend is getting to know the camper weekend.. I am looking forward to that too. We will play with the gadgets and try to figure out the ins and outs of this camper before we go to use it next weekend.

Other than that.. I will be walking some to keep the blood flowing, counting the continuous 48 hrs down that I have to wear thigh high support stockings, ( they are not bad when you can take them off after 10 hrs.. )  and I hope to enjoy the long weekend.

Be safe, be careful.. and I will come back and report what they ended up doing Smile 

Love to all, mrs Justa…