the beginning of the garden 2011 001

The beginning of a dream. A hope that things will grow, faith that it will be stronger than life’s challenges.

We are  hoping for a good crop, hoping for the plants to survive the first few weeks of outdoors life, hoping for successful harvest.

This is hope. This is faith, this is literally a crap shoot!

IN this part of NY state, one never really knows the weather, or the heat , or the critters that mull around in the middle of the night… but we hope that the weather will be good, the heat not overwhelming and critters stay away. Gotta put down some moth balls around the edge, and cut Mark’s hair and put that around the edge too !

Don’t have a fence to go around it… so there is faith in it not being breakfast for bunnies.

There are some plants that are started- those guys were our indoor residents for the past almost 3 months. I chose the hardiest looking ones and the wimps got tossed out. The green house is packed away for the season, and who know what will come from this effort.

The first year we did this, it was with great apprehension, and we ended up with the squash and tomatoes getting taken over by tomato blithe and the squash got those dang squash bores. Last year was a better year…  and this year… well these seeds were saved from stuff we grew  or a friend of ours grew last year. I saved the seeds, dried them out and planted them this year.. Again hope, faith and lots of love ! And if all goes well, in 2 months we will have summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes, egg plant , peppers, cukes, cantaloupes, pumpkins , lettuce and radishes…

So now the weekend is done… tomorrow will bring a new day..and hopefully still standing green plants. Marks truck is in the shop, seems to be leaking some sort of oily type fluid from the right axle area… grrr… so we are down to one car for a day or so… gotta love automobile problems…. I hope you have a great week… love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy