What an incredibly LONG day ! Geesie Peesie Georgie !

Tuesday we had a 9AM appointment for100_6550 the camper pick up. We were told it could take about an hour. We were 1/2 hr early- and in my “Pollyanna” mind, I thought if we did get there early, they could take the truck back and do the tow package…

Yeah… RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not everyone respects time of others….. Let’s see .. at about 9:30 Mark asked the front desk person if there was any indication how much longer it would be.

She stated that they were still prepping the camper and it would be just a little while longer. Oh we could have gotten a major attitude when 10:30 hit and we were still waiting—but in the end—the attitude would have been negative all the way around. AS it only would have made us agitated- and them defensive. And in the end- we would have wasted A LOT of energy- and their customer service skills would still suck. The lounge had comfortable couches, as there would not have been a way for Mark to stand all that time waiting… actually me neither!

So we got through with the tour of the trailer by 12:00, think he got us at 11:15 ish…. than we still had to sit with the financial guy- and that was till 2:00. So needless to say, my being late for work became a no work day yesterday.

5-17-2011 new camper is home 002When we got home, we had moments of anxiety looking at the hitch that would not come un hitched, and feeling kinda overwhelmed. I took notes at the walk through like it was preparation for my nursing license exam. The man who showed us stuff had a general idea what campers are like, but amusingly he would find things and be as enlightened as we were.

Out of the MANY important things in a camper—I think knowing which is the grey water and the black water is important. The “tourguide” felt the stickers on the camper were backwards, so he asked mechanic- who also said he thought the stickers were backwards, than in the end- it was determined the stickers were correct. Dang I hope they are right, I wanna know for sure which side is the shower and sink tank and which is the toilet crap  ( literally !!!)….

We are gonna sleep here5-17-2011 new camper is home 006 a few nights- but use the house for plumbing—as we do not have a dump stating around here. It was tough making the bed- the head is under an overhang, Mark can not use his left knee for much and can not lean on it, so he was trying to lie on the mattress and tug the sheet up… finally I brought out elastic strips for the corners of the sheets, we took the plastic off the sheet and the bed is made.It is nice, because it is really mostly set up all the time, that way it is not so hard for us to get the camper up and ready. Each time I see Mark have problems due to his injury..I just feel bad.. this is a guy who could climb in and out of big trucks years ago like nothing.

Our outside electric plug on our house  does not work _ dunno why—but we need to get it fixed. Than we can plug in the camper and charge the battery back up in it. It is a step up from the pop-up, it is a lot bigger in our driveway than in the parking area at the state fair, but it will be our camper for the remaining years we will be able to camp.

5-17-2011 new camper is home 010Maybe see us through retirement. So the old foggies are trying to study everything so we do not screw anything up. the camper is functional with the tip out in, so I can pack it before we go camping. The campsite we go to is maybe 35 minutes from here or so….which means it will not be too much trouble to get there. 

Life,, twists and turns,,, unsure what is to happen when, we have talked for years about upgrading to a hard shell..and after oh 26 yrs together- we have…. HA someday I will write about when we first met we camped with our 2 kids with 2 pup tents, than our first pop-up… oh my goodness.. and the Coleman we traded in – that was pushing 16 years old…. many tales… many memories…. camping is really cool to do…and this camper will  make is easier to use. … I am glad we did it. …. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy…