So we are getting so close to Memorial Day- that is when it is safe to plant. We will have to do the planting this weekend though, because I just found out next Thursday is the surgery on my legs…or maybe just the right leg. I think the post op instructions of no strenuous exercise for a week after surg-green house 2.5  weeks 001 probably includes running a tiller andgreen house, brandon and preston, linda and brian blair 3-2011 003 squatting and weeding. So rain or shine.. I am playing in the garden this weekend.

I am proud of my little plant munchkins.. they are doing okay. Not as hardy as the plants my best buddy broughtMay 2011 005 into work today… but I think they are okay. May 2011 004








I have to put them outside a few more times before they go out to live there, but I think they will be okay.

It has been kinda fun watching them grow from seeds I saved from plants last year, and now have recycled the plants in a way.

The green house was effective, but bogus in it’s own way, as the plants grew bigger, I had to replant them in bigger containers, that meant more weight..and the rack got a sway thing going. I was thinking about this whole planting thing, and it is fun, a lot of work, and just seems to take so long. But in the end… there is nothing neater than picking a tomato and bringing it in to cut up with lunch or dinner. That makes it worth while. I am trying to get the freezer emptier, so we have room for our harvest this fall.

Harvesting fruits and veggies, harvesting life, harvesting relationships. We need to do that with every aspect of our life. Treasure that you are familiar with, look for new things to do, till and weed you life…keep things fresh and never dormant…. know that the second foot can not get moved unless the first one is moved initially…. become who and what you want to be…by tilling life’s soil, watering your soul and searching for the sunshine in everything you run across.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy