Now as I am sure some of you100_5018 remember our pop up camper had become the snack shack for a few mice last year. So we spent the hottest most humid day trying to patch it It was a long, tedious, at times frustrating job, but finally we were finished and actually used it 2 or 3 times last summer. This was the end result of our mending…






Well this year we traded it in on a camper a little easier to set up and use. The tent one will be a good one for someone starting out. Heck, when it is raised it still smells new..just has these patches. We will get it on Tuesday, I believe.

Now we are officially OLD!!

For years we have had the family reunion in July. And I can remember using pup tents, a camper from the 1970s that you needed 4 people to put it up.. two to lift the HEAVY top and the 2 kids to put a bolt through a hole drilled in each of the 4 support beams- because the umph that used to hold the top up was LONG gone.

Than we graduated to the 1994 camper that became the winter snack shack for some very hungry mice. And each year the “older people” would come in with there  hard shell campers. I would think that it was nice for them, as they were getting older, to have the hard shell camper.

And now AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG we are the “older people” who have finally gotten the hard shell , so it is easier to set up.

It was very hard for Mark to get the legs down on the pop up, I would help… it is very painful for him to apply any pressure to that leg he trashed a few years back. and it was a challenge to raise it..a lot of cranks. As being older means going to the bathroom when many folks are sleeping through the night.. well as an older person- that long walk to the rest room—well that long quick shuffle to the rest rooms…. was getting more challenging. Now we have a toilet…








We got it at an RV show, it is not technically an RV- but a travel trailer…very light weight, and being at an RV show– there was a really good price on it, and we had figured what we could afford, the deal just worked. With payments stretched for 15 yrs it seems almost unreal to have it.  They took our revived pop up in trade, and I am sure it will bring many great memories to others.

 100_3187I love to camp, there is really nothing like it. For any campers out there, did you ever know how HAPPY campers are. You walk by them, there is eye contact accompanied by a smile and a greeting. People seem to care. People seem to appreciate life’s free offers. Than there is the creativity of how to cook things on the grill over a wood burning fire… the sitting and letting life pass by, the many things mentioned in previous posts, … so now we can set it up with less manual labor, still have room for a few visitors, … I really hope we like it !.

This weekend—oh we will be busy100_2930

I am going to start to introduce the outside to the  plants who have been growing in the little indoor green house, we get to watch the boys Friday evening and Sat for part of the day, I sing on Sunday in church…. a busy weekend. And  hopefully the garden will be tilled either this week or next… I will try to stop by..but I just do not know for sure. Have a good time in between blog posts. And thanks for taking a moment to stop by….

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy