Perception…. what we believe we see we say is real. I have written about this before and will again.

This Saturday we were driving Courtney home, and along a country road we live on, speed limit 55 mph, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something really really creepy.

We have had tons of ran, and the ditches and fields have been saturated.

We went through a cross roads area and in the over grown grass, kinda jut past the ditch was a guy. Guess-ta-mate around 30 yrs old. He was pushing a wheel chair- it was a lot narrower than the person in it. As we flew by, I did not want to say anything , but it creeped me out.

I said to Mark and Courtney “ Did you just see that?” Courtney was oblivious to anything being seen- ( maybe she was texting in the backseat..) and Mark had caught a tiny glimpse.

I told them what I thought I saw was creepy. A woman- appearing to be elderly and very obese, in this skinny narrow wheelchair, being pushed in the gross, murky, muddy area, with a clear plastic bag over her head. I am trying to convince myself I did not see what I saw, Mark asked if I wanted him to turn the car around, I said “No, what would we say to the guy?”…. I thought about calling 911, I felt that this person was probably trying to bury his elderly grandmother in a field. I was ashamed that I did not want to go back, and thought I would look on the way back up and see what was going on.

On the way back up, there was no apparent body in a ditch. So I told myself I must have been mistaken, but in my mind I was sure there was a plastic bag. Mark thought it was just an elderly person wrapped with a scarf.

Well lo and behold if Sunday the guy is not once again walking down the road with this obese elderly lady.This person was pushing the wheelchair on the shoulder  instead. The occupant of the wheelchair appears still bundled up pretty well…

As he became closer- it turned out being a huge black plastic bag in the seat, over flowing with cans, and that head… well that was a clear plastic bag filled with cans.

So, I am REALLY glad We did not call 911, and really glad this was not a person overhanging the arms of the wheelchair with her head in a plastic bag…

Perception…. we need to not always believe what we think we see… Love to all, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy