100_1072-1The seasons are changing, this is a favorite time for me. And I think for many who like the outdoors.

Warmer weather, not too hot, not freezing cold. Gardens are getting ready to be tilled and planted, campers are getting out of storage and ready for the new season.

Oh there is absolutely nothing more relaxing- for us outdoorsy type people that sleeping outdoors, crickets chirping lullabies, life being all about the camp fire and how good one can cook dinner over a flame. Or how about grilled hotdogs on an open fire, or marinated chicken on the grill… and waking to the coolness of a summer morning- the crickets replaced by the birds singing softly.

And s’mores… Ha I just this second realized why they are called that— because you want some more after you have the first one! Okay- so I am really slow…….HA s’mores.. I get it now .  Yesiree, 2 graham crackers..1 small piece of chocolate bar and a perfectly roasted marshmallow…..the heat from the toasted marshmallow melts the chocolate … mmmm….just one or 2 of them… that is all.

That is really neat… all of the 100_6683sudden one bird awakens and sings a short song… than silence…and in a moment or two another bird starts.. it is like they are talking back and forth. Before you know it there is a forest of birds waking up in song.

How neat that would be if we all opened our eyes and just started singing soothing songs. But no…many are NOT morning people—or so they say… personally I think that is a cop-out… like an excuse to be bitchy. We all can wake up with a smile or a frown.. I choose the smile.

So, as you can tell, I am looking forward to camping in the next few weeks… guess you could say I have “camping fever!”  and in another week I am planning on getting the garden going- ( my greenhouse plants are doing pretty good) –I think this weekend I will put them outside for intervals , to get them used to the real world.

Lake Effect Storm 1-16-2011 041

After the winter.. Spring is the reward…. we earned the ability to appreciate the green of grass, the songs of the Robins, the blossoming of the flowers, the smell of fresh mowed grass…

yes Spring is like our reward…. and summer the frosting on the cake…and fall—well that is a reminder that we had our reward… and we need to get out our armor for the days ahead… so take time… enjoy the

blessing of spring.

Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy