I have been doing a lot of thought on Mother”s Day and really what being a mother is all about.

Mother’s Day , as critics will say is a day created for the Hallmark card companies of the world. For me it is a time to stop for a moment and reflect on being a mother. As I see it,  from the time a woman becomes a mom, every day is Mother’s Day.

That very first moment you realize you are going to be a mom ( this can be naturally or through an adoption or foster mom program) is a time it opens ones heart for a journey that no one can predict how long it will be, but every step will be special.

As I look back to my younger days in this mom role, I feel a warmth flow through my heart. I did my very best to be100_2447_edited a good mom, one who cared about every breath the child took. One who wanted to make memories of life and not fill life with material possessions, things that would be see, and long forgotten as the years passed.  A mom who wanted to make sure nature was appreciated, free things were longed for, like sunrises, sunsets, the morning chirping of birds, knowing the sounds of a babbling brook, sharing the thrill of a thunder storm from lying on the floor and watching out the window at the flashes  in the sky.Showing you can go on a vacation with a lot of dreams, a little money,  a cooler, bags of salad and lunch meat , drinks , bread and dry cereal….and 2-3 days to go where the map leads, unknown where your head will lie at night and knowing the only requirements was finding a place with a pool.  Sharing the importance of having meal time whenever possible , at the table with all around- even if the “all” is two people. And asking what the best part of the day was , what was the worse.

As time goes by, each step of the way, the hardest thing about being a mom was releasing the “apron strings”..not too soon, and not too late. Always hoping that you are known to be available 100 % of the time, that there is unconditional love, and when needed a bit of forgiveness. Trying to keep the really ugly parts of life away, but giving a softer version, so there is not a misguided view that the world is always a beautiful place.

Teaching responsibility, yet showing it is okay to have a moment when you just want to do nothing at all. It has been and continues to be a role in my life that I truly believe  was meant for me. And every single night, I remember to thank God for the privilege and trust, to have been given the opportunity of being a MOM. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone , and to my mom too.. I know you are watching over me….I love you mom !

Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy