Someone I know came up to me today and said “ I do not know if I told you, but I am on a diet.” I just shook my head and did not really go into much more, but than she said “On Weds I came to the conclusion that the mirror was not lying.”

As she continued to share her thoughts, she was saying that for a very long time when she looked in the mirror, it was not the image she believed she was. So she has been seeing herself as her mind wants her to be. But now she knows she is heavier than she wants to be, the mirror was not lying and she has come to terms with the fact she needs to reverse the trend.

Well, for anyone who has read any of my posts , or knows me.. someone saying something like this  gets the old rusty gears in my mind spinning, and than I start thinking of similarities, and of things that I can relate to.

It was a very deep subject really.

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought the person who took it was a poor photographer- or they got you on your bad side, or poor lighting, or they needed to get further back. It can’t be the way you look to others really. The camera is lying.

We used to go out to the Large Viewbars for karaoke night. Now the earlier you go, the better the performances…it is great when someone goes up there and is fabulous. There are some people that I remember, I was thrilled when they were up on the stage, it was like going to a concert….But as the night lingers on and more people have had a beer or two, they become braver. Some people open their mouth, and as their voice comes out they hear the artist in their heads, and believe they sound like the artist.. and even though I believe everyone can sing a song- not everyone should sing it in a bar, using a microphone.

Another area I reeled my mind into was clothing. There is a traffic person on a local station here who has told one of the female DJs more than once,, “ Just because they make it in your size, does not mean you should wear it.” This is another angle to what this person was saying to me today. Let’s say you go shopping, and the mannequin looks dynamite in an outfit. So in you go, and low and behold, they have the same outfit in your size … a 2X ! Wow this is your lucky day. . It feels great.. all the time your mind is envisioning the mannequin ( who if she was real probably would be in an inpt program for eating disorders) and when you look in the mirror- you see your eyes…. problem is the clothes are below eye level. But you do not need to look at them- as you know how good it looked on the mannequin.

Life is a deception sometimes… I think at times we focus on what we want to believe instead of how it really is. Maybe that is how a hoarder can hoard. They see the part of the environment that is open, and not all the areas that are packed full. And I believe media and government leaders also play the delusion game.. we are told what someone perceives we should be told..and that is it.

How about when a person is trying to lose weight, and they convince themselves that if no one is looking it is not that bad to eat whatever it is. A delusion that if no one sees you eat it, than it goes no where. My older sister literally carved pages out of books on our bedroom shelves, and hid those big 1 lb candy bars in them- heck she even had a book with the pages cut out for a boxes  of girl scout cookies. HMMM and than she would tell me she could not figure out why she was overweight.

What is real? What are we fooling ourselves with?

What is how we want it to be?

How can we see and be aware of what really is real?

Life in the pretend world seems better at times, I think..until we make ourselves look at life without the rose colored glasses….

HMMM>>> all this  because this person came to me and told me she was on a diet… my mind is reeling… hmmmm.

Love to all, stay focused on the real things.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy