Happy Birthday Preston March 2 2011 102







1st birthdays- unbelievable the resemblance and yet the difference. Brandon did make a mess, but Preston he dived into it much more! I am surprised he did not become dyed red!

cindys 1st b day 001First birthdays are such fun- it means the infancy is for sure over and the times ahead are full of challenges that will be different.

Walking, talking, falling, exploring, playing, whimpering, tantrums, laughter, new things, new joys. Kids are getting to a point where they can  indicate when something is not right, and before you know it they are stepping on the school bus.

Things never change as far as the basics of life. Just customs, traditions change. But we all turn one – if we are fortunate to live that long, and than the ball of life starts turning, seems like it keeps turning quicker to me.

I watched Preston as he was in the first birthday celebration- he really had no concept of why he was getting all the attention- he just knew he was allowed to make a much bigger mess than normal, and he was getting to gobble up and swim in sugar for a brief moment in time.

After my first birthday- the birthday pictures disappeared. ( Gee I kinda look like them in a way Smile ) Oh there may have been one for a year here or there- but the first one- that was the monumental one. I wonder if it is monumental more for the parents than the child- really.

So many many years later, as I type this, I wonder where all these years have gone to? And than I get a little melancholic as I think about the grandkids being my age… and I probably will not be around to see them.

Will I be soaring over them on seagulls wings , will I be watching, and comforting them as I ride a ray of sunshine into their lives?  Will I be the softness of the full moon glow? Will I be talking through the soothing sounds of a babbling brook? Will I be watching over them as I rest on a star?

We need to take advantage of every single moment we have on this earth.

Time is ticking… Love the moment…. Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy