A remote, a simple remote

Where could it have gone to?

Life with a toddler in the home… ya just never know where anything may end up.

Jeff and Amanda have a missing remote.

So what do you do as a parent—you ask the toddler…

Happy Birthday Preston March 2 2011 086Now Brandon has said that a bear came and ate the remote.

So the remote is at large and who knows where or when they will find it.

It reminds me of LONG ago- when Martha was Brandon’s age. She was a little shorter than Brandon at age 2 + and she had the uncanny ability to see the world at a totally different vantage point

My mom, she was not the most organized person – well at least it appeared she had things all over- however ask her for anything and she could produce it..so maybe I just did not understand her organization.

We were headed off to church- we were running late- the 7 of us ready to get going…. and the anxiety from being late….  ( My mom was always “right on time—15 minutes late”) … and lo and behold- her car keys were missing.

Now we looked everywhere we could think of- while in the stress of the moment of running late- and for us kids- we had no idea where to begin to look- for we did not understand her organization and I think we were all thinking that if she was more organized we would have the keys in the same place. I remember picking up a stack of mail here, moving the newspaper from another spot, moving dish towel, cloth, napkins..everything- a shuffle here and there. We were all doing that..and checking pockets….( that was always special- she always had her slightly used stiff Kleenex in her pockets.. yuck.. sorry mom .. LOL)

Needless to say- we were lucky church, the grocery store ( Now that was special—shopping for 7 people and carrying the paper grocery bags home from the store-walking !!.. At least we had a wagon , we put the heaviest bags in the wagon !)and school was within walking distance..because those keys were at large for a week. Mom was in college and she took the bus to college—

Well I  had dropped something on the floor from the dining room table-at the end of that LONG week of walking. And as I picked it up, out of the corner of my eye I saw a shiny thing under the table. Martha had hung the keys up on the hook that held the extending leaf in place underneath the table. Perfect for her- she could fit under the table.

I was REALLY glad I had kept my blame thought to myself about moms disorganization… because it was Martha who had found a safe place for them.

Mom did get a second set made after that.

So where could that remote be?100_6619 In a toy bin, in between cushions, through the cat door in the basement doorway, in the closet in his room, maybe in a drawer in the bed rooms… hopefully not in the garbage….  in the drawer of the end table, under the end table, under the recliner, behind the DVD or amplifier, in the freezer, kitchen drawer…..…………………..hmm..where oh where will it be…

Ya have to get down to a 2 yr olds level and go through the house. So let’s all hope it is found… Ha HA.. life with a toddler.. gotta put GPS units or alarms that respond to a remote  on anything that is not attached to something. Love to all, Mrs Justa..alias Cindy