Today, a special day in Happy Birthday Preston March 2 2011 026our lives here in Central NY. Yes siree…Preston turned one today. So the past 2 days became a 48 hr span of First Birthday fun. It seems like only a few months ago this little guy was born. Time flies so fast anymore.

Preston is a unique little guy. He is the 3-9-2011 007“observer” as I like to think of him.

He watches everything happen in life. He absorbs people and things. And he gets a smirk that looks like he just is loving being him.

Yesterday was a busy day. At 10 in the morningHappy Birthday Preston March 2 2011 040 was Preston’s First B-day party at a Kids play place , this was for friends and family. Adrianne, her husband and their daughter came down. We got to play in this huge area with Preston, Brandon and Mackenzie.

We were able to have all over here last evening for dinner. It is always so special to get both our kids together with their families.

There was a moment when Mark was sitting on the side steps watching Indi as he frolicked to and fro on his lead in the side yard.  I brought Preston out to see what was going on and gave Preston to Mark.  Mark has Preston on his lap, and as traffic went by, Preston would hear the noise and than his head followed the traffic all the while it was in sight,  till it was out of sight.

He is like that everywhere. He watches, and he does show determination and curiosity. He is just a cool kid.

Happy Birthday Preston March 2 2011 100He was getting into his own special birthday cakes. He had one yesterday and one today. Basically he dives into the cake and a majority of it goes in the trash in the end.

Tonight mid cake squishing he became tired. And plop his thumb was in his mouth… Nothing matters when he needs his thumb.

We had a really nice time seeing all 3 of our grand kids yesterday, and than seeing the 2 boys again tonight.

100_6282Time goes so fast, and the sunrises bring a new day, a new adventure..each morning starts another day as the years fly by. I really hope the years to follow bring many special moments for these children. They have filled my heart with such joy, I wish life had been different, that I had been able to save for an early retirement all through my 20s and 30s… for if I could..I would spend so much more time with these precious gifts. But the time we spend with them- it is quality time…. and to me that might make it even more special than having quantity time and taking life for granted. For when I am with the grandkids..I appreciate every moment. Just like when we see our own kids… every moment is golden, special, appreciated.

Happy Birthday Preston…and hope this year is special to you, my precious little one. Love always.. Mrs Justa..alias grandma..alias Cindy