Flash floods… hmm a term I have heard for zillions of years, but until yesterday it meant nothing to me.

We ( like many other areas of this country) have been having some pretty tough weather. Yesterday in about 10 minutes we went from gray sky to all Hell broke loose. Rain, pouring, hail 2 inches in diameter hitting windows, drenching rain and than in a moments notice the streets were flooded and anyone driving had no warning.

It was so weird and at the same time scary, the force of the water coming down literally blew man-hole covers right out of the road, we had about an 8 foot stream of water coming straight out of a drain in the sidewalk. The folks on the road had no where to go.

Cars on the expressway- driving along and poof- in 4-5 feet of water.

The weather really can become surreal at times. Right now we are getting severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings..and here we sit in a doublewide. We have a shed and a car- hmmm.. which is the better place to be. None of the above.

We do have a 4 foot crawl space the house sits on- but I do not know how safe that would be, it is not like the cinder blocks are cemented together. So I pray we make it through. What else is there to do. I guess we could grab the dog and cat, put the cat in the crate and the dog on a leash and all go lie in the ditch.. but it is not that deep of a ditch.

So I am off to bed soon.. figure if we are going to get blown away- at least I will be comfortable as we drift off the foundation.

Be safe everyone…. my prayers go out for all…( photos from the weather site on the local TV station web-site)  Love Mrs justa… hanging on till the sun comes up.