The days have turned to hours before life is totally back to normal.

Yes, vacation is over, and we will begin to put 25.00 to 50. a wk into a savings accnt for somewhere special next year.

About 1 1/2 yrs ago we did a Maine 4 day trip, and than just now an 8 day Outer Banks Trip, and next yr. we are thinking maybe the Cape for 4 or 5 days.

We have to check the plans and programs we are entitled to through various memberships we have. We could save a ton of money. We need to research some and see where we can go in April , where there is total relaxation.

It was funny, on Weds last week I noticed the girls pacing and my brother too. He said at about 1 in the afternoon that it is hard to be doing nothing.

Funny thing, but he was right. I had brought a book and within the week read the entire book. That is a monumental task for me, as most of the time , between work, life at home, the gym..I am lucky to read a book in 6 mos.

It was a Danielle Steel book. ya ever read one of them .. Whooooo- she writes along for a while- I become involved in the characters..and all of the sudden..she has accelerated the relationships and start sweating as I am reading… I am feeling like I am blushing, I feel my eyes bonging out of my head, I start reading faster… man —she really puts some love scenes close and personal..and as quick as she has you in the midst of the moment of passion—boom—it is over with and I am in the characters every day lives.

And in the end… the story is over..and I am missing the adventure. Last week I was in their lives, in their spats and their making ups, and now the book is closed…story over…and I dread opening another book-because I have to get to know new people—only for Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 096them to disappear at the books end.

It was funny though… we sat in the living room and on the deck off the living room… all 4 of us reading different books… we were all sitting in the same place- but thru the books Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 211were in way different cities…way different characters…. as we soaked in the sun, let the waves slap us through each page, living others lives.

I am off now…. need to get a grip on reality, and get ready for tomorrow.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy