Suspense, wonder… need not worry… I am not going to be posting for probably a week- have A LOT going on this next week.

But I will return after the hustling ends. I was thinking today as I was watching people at Delta Sonic. We are so filled with conveniences that I think the folks in the US would be lost without them.

Seemed everyone was using their personal phones as computers. playing with them..not talking on them. That is kinda odd in a way- these tiny flat phones, thinner than a wallet- are more powerful than this white stallion type computer I use to communicate over the cyber waves.

I wonder if in the future we will have generations that no longer talk. Through evolution our fingers will change to accommodate tiny key boards,

our faces will shrink and change form- as we will not be using our mouths…but our eyes will be bonging out of our heads.  We will not need tables- for no one talks… just single chairs everywhere.

And when we want to go somewhere, we will type into our hand computers where we want to go, and poof- we are somehow zoomed over there.

There was a couple who came in, they sat at the same table, did not speak, bnoth had eyes on their tiny hand held “phones” and than they got up when her car was done… he walked to another area. gone. No speaking.

Here Mark and I are chit chatting about whatever- and watching the techies all around us- necks bent… focusing on this tiny screen – oblivious to the world in which they were sitting. I bet not one of them could describe the other people in this lounge area. NOT even the people they were supposedly with.

Than we are driving home, kids are walking down the sidewalk “together”… both with necks wrenched down—looking at their tiny screens…

Maybe I am old fashioned… maybe my time is over…. but :

a cup of coffee, a friendly conversation with actual people in the same room…

a walk down a beach with someone you care about WALKING with you ( not in some tiny screen in your hand)

laying down and watching the clouds change shapes

a quiet moment with o100_6729thers watching the sun rise and set

anticipation of the full moon and sharing it with another person…

Holding a child on your lap and reading them a story

teaching a child to play with toys not run by batteries

Preload 12standing in the ocean as the waves try to knock you over

watching a storm come in.. feeling it leave.

sitting on a mountaintop and seeing the actual beauty of God’s gifts to us

Having a child give you a hug and say “I wuv you too”

A kiss goodnight, a hug goodbye….

that is what life is about. And ya know what.. I like it that way !.

Love to all… Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy