Friends are those rare people who ask you how you are
and than wait to hear the answer.” 
Ed Cunningham

When I heard this quote I thought for sure it was a chick quote. But alas, it was from a guy. HA… have you ever been somewhere where a person asks how you are, and before your brain processes the fact that someone was talking to you..they are gone. Don’t cha want to say… “What do you care?” Or sometimes I do…. Oh, there are folks who will call themselves your friend, but which one will be there on the phone at 4AM if you need to talk to them?

As I let this play through the waves of my mind, I thought about other things friends are.


jANUARY 22,2011 065Do you have a friend that would come over in a moments notice? NO questions asked.

How about a friend who will just sit and listen to you?

Do you have someone that does not judge you, but will give you advice when asked?

A friend that you can just sit quietly with, and the world becomes a better place? Like in that song from James Taylor “You’ve Got A Friend”( love that song !!)

A real test for a true friend is unfortunately in the worse situations.

There are “work friends” or “school friends” but when the work or school are over..are they still there? It is a hard lesson to learn.

I remember going around with my year book and asking people to sign it. As I look back on that time in my life, I was pretty pathetic. I asked people for their senior picture so I would have pretend friends in my wallet. And I begged people to sign my year book, so I could give the impression that people liked me. I am sure they felt sorry for me, or snickered as I walked away, in my imaginary world of feeling like many cared about me.

As I grew older,100_6387 I can truly say, I am blessed with a few very very good friends. None of them signed my year book, one did go to high school with me, and the rest….they have all come into my life through work at either the hospital or in the life of working on the administrative side of health care….one 2 friends I have because they are Mark’s friends.

It is comforting to know there are those special people out there. That no matter if I am fat or thin, wealthy or poor, sick or healthy…they are there. They do not judge me, they do not slander me, they laugh with me not at me.

As I replayed this quote in my mind, I analyzed my own being a friend, and I have friends that I truly believe I am available for 24hr a day…. no matter what.

How about you? Are you a friend? Do you have a friend? Friends make life worth living.

Peace to all, prayers going out for three special people at work who are facing medical challenges and unknowns. Love Mrs Justa alais Cindy