I saw an interesting cartoon the other day that was representing what I like to refer to as the “entitlement syndrome” This is a coined phrase I have used for quite a few years now. In this cartoon it had a person sitting behind a desk with two paper trays- you know- like in-bins. One was titled “I WANT” and the other titled “NO FAIR” . I had to laugh at it , really… have you not run across people who would be the poster person to be sitting behind the desk?

There is arrogance that is tied in with my Entitlement Syndrome” As if the folks who have this syndrome have a major..”I AM BETTTER THAN YOU” attitude. The world is there for THEM>

I was leaning on the window sill this afternoon as my meal was cooking for 3 short minutes in the microwave. Our window overlooks a fairly busy street and I can see in people’s cars. well today in less than 3 minutes… 6 people drove by texting while driving.

Wow.. I saw 6 invincible people !!! NOT!!! I saw 6 butt heads is what I saw. And one of them was driving a delivery pick-up truck!. People who obviously think they will be able to focus on their little screens on their phones and drive in city traffic too.

This weekend we were in a store- and the cashier had shut off her light… this woman still swooped into her lane and quickly unloaded her merchandise..as if to say… “ I know you just shut off the light.. BUT YOU…. You have time for ME!! Man I would have loved for the cashier to say “ WRONG!!” but that is not good customer service.

How about the folks who literally sit in the lane in a parking lot , watching someone load groceries into their car, just waiting for THAT parking spot- and in the meantime causing a traffic hazard for anyone trying to find a spot.

So I am on a mental mission to try to ignore these arrogant folks. It will be tough… because they scream out silently that it is all about them.

Folks.. please do not text and drive…

and please parking lot grumps— park a little further away—the store is not going anywhere…

and grocery store line cheaters… go to a line that is open for the number of items you have…

uggg.. I am better now… I have trouble with  arrogant , all about me , people.

Love to all…. mrs Justa alias Cindy