We spent some time this evening with my niece, who is a Senior in high school. She reminded me of how wonderful life was back when I was a senior in high school.

The last few months of public school are coming fast and furious. Spring break is a week away, and it is the last spring break while in the public school years.

She has some really good friends, and they enjoy being with one another.

They are planning a private senior trip, one that is not set up for the entire senior class… no this one is one that they chose where they would like to go and they are paying to go there.

Their wish… to be on the beach for a week..and in the evening enjoy the hot tub, to sleep in each morning, have ocean breezes blowing in their faces and just chill.

She was smiling uncontrollably , giggling like a teenage girl does and is so excited about their journey about to come, that I really think sleep will be hard to do this week.

Yes she brought me back, to a much simpler life, a life where the future looked long and 36 yrs old was ancient. It was refreshing to see that joy,. that light in her eyes, that exuberance and anticipation for the vacation she and her friends have planned.

It is weird to know life to me is more in my rear view mirror..and to her…it is out the front of the car of life—the winding road ahead. I realized how long ago it was when I was a senior and how blessed I have been, how many answered prayers I have had…

High school was such a bitter sweet time for me. I remember at graduation feeling like this was it..the people I knew- we were school friends. We did not do anything outside of school, and so the walk down the aisle , the music, the diplomas…it was the closing of a chapter in my life..the closing of friendships that really were not true friendships. Most… I have not seen the people since that day. I think there is one person…Lanny..who I knew in high school…and we are still in touch with each other, we spend Thanksgiving together…. she is the one person… Life is funny, it comes in like a wave and takes things away as the waves roll out.

But tonight, for a brief moment in time… I could feel her joy, her excitement. It was neat.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy