Spring is coming… wow… we have the couch moved from the window so we can have the windows open.

100_6643AHHHH…fresh air in the house that has been closed up tight since probably September. I believe all the snow banks are gone and well it feels pretty refreshing .

Got the cleaning done, the sheets changed, the laundry is doing its thing, replanted my tomato plants into bigger peat pots, the green house is doing pretty good, and we just had a fresh made salad, slice of garlic bread and a single serving size of wheat spaghetti and tomato sauce. The house has the fresh air and the smell of an Italian restaurant all at once. Snow tires off the car and the mpg have increased by about 4 miles per gallon.

We sent in the registration for our camper… soon to get it out of storage… yes.. life is looking warmer. I am thinking that this is definitely signs that the winter is behind us.

I am about to dive into a few hrs of work… but it is easier to work here … no phones or faxes..

We had a few places to drive aroundYellow Smiley With A Fireman's Helmet Clipart Image today and every fire house we went by was having an open house. There is a huge need for more volunteer fire people. I once had given it a thought—many many moons ago. But when I was going by the fire house and I  saw how tall their ladder went.. I decided it was probably not a good idea for me to be a fire person.

See I have a problem with ladders,speeding,  heights and feeling like I have nothing to hold onto. There are many a person who was rescued via the gigunda ladder that is very thankful I made the choice not to be a fire person. It would be my luck that I would be elected to do the climb..and as the people are looking at me for help..I would be in a fetal position on the ground rocking and whimpering that I could not climb up it.. And than…. if I did climb up it—I could see me half way up and frozen with fear.

So.. me .. I am better on the ground stuff.

I do admire fire folks. They have scanners going and when the alarm goes off for them- no matter where they are..or what they are doing.. they stop and go to help someone out they usually do not know. I used to babysit for a fire man. And he would sometimes be ready to take his wife out.. the alarm would go off… he would leave his wife home and be gone. So we would sit and chat… I would not charge them for the time when that happened… and she was a very understanding and patient woman. She was proud of her husband and never once made it seem like she was all of the sudden being thrown out with the bath water, … so today I salute the men and women of the many fire departments. I do hope you get your recruiting you need… and I can hear all of you thanking me for not signing up.. That would not be a pretty sight !.

Off to work… have a great night… Love Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy