Old lady syndrome continues… ahhh it is interesting getting older. I can hear my mom laughing and smirking over my newest adventure.

The latest sign of old age creeping up… Jobst Stockings. ….

yes, I said Jobst Stockings… Now first… I do not think most people who are needing Jobst Stockings look like this…

Well at least I know me in my stockings do not look at all like these well shaped, legs.

Actually- I bet these legs are pretending they need the old Jobst Stocking.

Yes folks I am scheduled for leg surgery 5-13-2011. ( UGG FRIDAY THE 13TH)—the doc says I have some veins that need to be removed. A few small holes here and there, some twisting and snapping and supposedly I will not have to worry about phlebitis again. So I am having both legs fixed. Hopefully the pain will be gone..and until than I wear these thigh high stockings.Than as soon as the surgery is over- I have to put these suckers back on for 48 hrs…. 

These suckers are really compressing beasts… these suckers are snug..really good elastic feeling. TO put them on this morning was exhausting, at one point I almost lost my grip and had visions of both fists punching me in the face and ending up with 2 black eyes or a broken nose.  It is like stretching a REALY TIGHT rubber band. So I tugged and tried to stretch them on the way up, and finally got them from the toe to the thigh. All the while thinking about after surgery these are going to really hurt pulling over the freshly vein plucked legs. I got done and needed a nap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

There is probably 5 inches between the top of these stockings and the top of my leg.

It was totally weird today… when I walked my brain was sensing like I had a mini skirt on. I kept unconsciously reaching to pull down the imaginary  mini skirt as I got up from the chair. Yes it was definitely imaginary—this body has not had on  a mini skirt since maybe 1966 ! I guess the difference between the compression and the 5 inches that did not have the compression stocking on it was in reverse …… giving improper messages to my brain processing center….. this created the sensation I had a really short skirt on.

I had to go to the bathroom, and went in— and my brain told me to lift my skirt up instead of pulling my pants down.So there I am yanking up on my pants— I started laughing like a fool— I had to manually tell my brain I had slacks on !

I remember growing up that my mom had varicose veins… and she always had a pair of stockings hanging in her bathroom- I never knew why. . And tonight..as I am hand washing this ONE pair of stockings I have to wear for the next month…. I felt my mom smirking, watching me gently hang up the stockings in the bathroom and saying.. FINALLY you know why I had my stockings hanging in the bathroom… cuz I had ine pair.

Ok mom… you win… NOW I UNDERSTAND>

LOL Good luck with aging… Love to all Mrs Justa alias Cindy