100_6631If you could wish for anything , what would it be?

When we were kids, we went around an tried to pick the dandelions when they were in this stage, we would make a wish and try to blow all the fuzzy pieces off the dandelion stem.

Little did we know—or care—that we were spreading seeds..no to us these were like magic wands.

As we went through seasons, each year we learned to be a little more reasonable with our wishes. That way there was a good chance they would come true. Man, the first few wishes were for prince charming and lots of toys. But once we lowered it to maybe being able to get an ice cream from the ice cream man—well the dandelion powers worked better.


Another thing we would do it try to find plants like this and see if we could draw all their shapes. We would try to get the sun shining through  of them with paper behind and try to trace the shapes. When we got done, we would color all the shapes with different colors, and kind of make an abstract drawing. Try to see if within those shapes we could see images or letters.

I can remember walking through the high fields behind the street we lived on, at one time it was all fields, we would get little burdocks on our socks and pants, the dog would get tons of little burdocks in her fur.

We would go looking for these..100_4454

when they popped open they had silk like insides, we would carefully look for the pods that were split open, silk hair overflowing on the pod, and we would hold it up to the wind and watch each piece take off on a journey of flight.

It was just good, hometown fun. Fresh air, exploring the God given beauty that surrounds us and having good clean fun.

The burdocks—well they were not so much fun… but taking the paths that caused up to get them… that was worth it !.

As Spring comes…100_2812 look beyond the flat screen TVs and computers, beyond the I Pod, I Pads and I phones… take advantage of the real natural parts of life….

When was the last time you went to the zoo???? Maybe it is time to put away the electronics and reconnect with nature…

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy