So now… oh talking heads… 100_6269_editedwe are going to be blessed with 2 years of talking, talking , talking about  the 2012 fricken presidential race talk.. yackidy yack.. blah blah blah….. Uggg.

I can not believe that        no-bama has signed for a 2nd term, and that he wants to raise over 1 BILLION dollars for his campaign.

If you look on line it says the average cost for a presidential campaign can go as high as 100 million. So here I am, thinking about all the sleazy moves, digs, harassment our beloved president can do for over 1 BILLION dollars. 10 times the predicted costs…

Hmm, I wonder, if he wins, will he still blame Bush for the next term too?

I wonder if he wins if we will be in debt a Quadrillion $$$$?  In school I do not think we ever got beyond billions… not anymore… now the history books have trillions to write about.

I have a hard time dealing with the very long  year  leading to a major election—but this is 2 years.

It makes the world seem so ugly, so hateful, as the politicians try to see who can sling the most mud. It is kinda funny in a way—these high ranked people in the world turn their campaigns into gutter talk… and make the supermarket tabloids look like the best news source in the world.

Now this could be a good move on the Dems part for the Republicans.. Because by the time 2012 arrives… the Pres will have stepped on his royal appendage about a trillion more times.

100_6245We need a strong person in the White House. We need someone who does not take the appointment as a green light to read teleprompters on a daily basis, and fly here and there, and fly some more, acting like he is still campaigning.

We need someone who will respect our future, our money. We need someone who shows strength, sincerity and respect for what our forefathers fought for. We need someone who knows what this flag stands for. Someone who feels pride when they see if wave in the breeze. We need someone with brass balls… with a strong moral backbone, without secrets and smirks…

What will the future bring??? We will have to ride the wave and see…. but I really hope that people look at the candidates… look for a person who has clearly shown they love this country, they respect the foundation of this country… UGGG>.. a billion plus dollars in campaign funds… …how many commercials is that????

I am off for tonight… I will start praying for a  back boned,  brass kahunas candidate to step up to the plate… think we will have one??? Mrs Justa alias Cindy