My baby was promoted to a sergeant today.

It was one of those moment that we were so blessed to have been able to be apart of.

It is amazing to see  your child as an adult. To see the people they become. The life they have in front of them.

Life was not handed to Jeff, it is not handed to most of us. And when we work really hard to get to places we get to… it is a wow moment. And when one is lucky enough to have earned things they dreamed of having…. that is truly rewarding.

I was watching this ceremony and thinking about what an accomplishment this was for him. I listened to him speak, and to say how he was feeling about the promotion. He told the audience that he wanted to acknowledge 3 people – not that there are not others to acknowledge… but he thanked first and foremost… his wife- his rock, his unending support, he looked at her with such love, such appreciation… He thanked  his best friend and his brother in law—both whom he met in 5th grade. His best friend has been an incredible support for him and has played such a variety of roles in Jeff’s life… from being Jeff’s Dare officer in 5th grade, to being there as Jeff has grown up… and now they are best friends as adults… And his brother in law- who has been his best friend through all these years, and how wonderful that Jeff ended up marrying his best friends now they are brothers….and he thanked me…. for being his mom..being there for him.

It was awesome… and he had asked Amanda to put on his new badge, and “Sarge” alias Gary…and I to pin on his collar brass…. Yes it was a totally awesome memory created , a special day.

Mark and I were both able to watch this moment, able to watch with pride at this man, this once child we spent years guiding and loving…… it was totally awesome.

Love ya Jeff… we are so proud of you ! Peace to all…. Love, Mrs Justa alias Cindy