“ What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it .”

That is a quote from Hugh Mulligan.As I read this and look at the days as they pass, I wonder if I did all I could.

100_6275It brings to the surface that each day is one more on the time line of life on earth.

There are some folks who love to count, and there is a statistic that there are 14709 births each hour and 6098 deaths each hour. these folks calculate this into 128.9 million births in a yr and 53.4 million deaths. What a very strange concept to know that in a second we can be gone.

I find that totally hard to grasp. 100_6550Time is so very precious. We are born to live for whatever amount of time we have, and than we die. We leave footprints as we go through life, and some of the footprints are in sand, some in concrete.

But none of us know when it is over, unless we make a choice to take control of our lives ending.

Each moment I have breath in my lungs and blood flowing through my veins , it is a blessing for me. I think of days gone by, of footprints left behind me, and I wonder what people who come across the footprints..what they see.

I like to watch people, I imagine what they do, or what footprints have brought them to where they are now, and I wonder if they have love in their lives, or loneliness. I watched people walking around at lunch time today, some with debilitating limps, some looking straight down at the ground, some clean, some seemed disheveled.  Are they frightened by life, or challenged. Do they feel life or lost?

I came across this info too….Here is another staggering statistic.. there are 1.8 BILLION people under age 15….and 4.4 BILLION people from 15 – 64 ….. 516 million over 65.  That is A LOT of people! How does the world sustain all of us living breathing people?

These number people also have come up with this… there are 6,909 living languages. okay… now this knocks my socks off. There are 6,909 ways to say I Love You… or “no way”.. or “ Yes sir..” or “Up yours LOL “ Amazing. this world is amazing. And each of the 6,903,331,398 are sharing this planet, drinking the water, eating what food there is, making each day go by….that is a lot of air being shared, a lot of shoes, clothes, words, space…. how does the world survive us and all our things we do?

Amazing…. simply amazing…. Yes I feel blessed for each day and I hope you do too.. Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy