Today was a traffic pylon day. Have you ever had a traffic pylon day? Maybe you are scratching your head and saying what the heck is she talking about…?? Well let me share it with you.

No it does not mean I drove in tons of road construction.

What it means is there were all these urgent issues.

Bing, bam, boom- every time I thought I could regroup and work on what was in my mind of what needed to get done… bam… another issue took priority.

So I feel, on days like these, like I am traveling down a highway , construction pylons lined up, and my head hanging out the window getting bopped by each one.

All the issues were not bad issues, but all the same—the individual  issues pushed what I was working on and took the forefront.

I started laughing.. because usually there may be one issue or two that bounce in front … issues that when I get faced with them- it is  a “Stop what you are doing and take care of this”moment.. And  I usually take care of the issue and have a moment to take a deep cleansing breath and move on to what I was working on.

Well today- I took a deep breath , only to suck in the next urgent issue. I did not have time for a cleansing breath all day, and I bet I climbed up and down the stairs at least 12 times today. And there are a lot of steps from the first to the second floor. Dang , when I went to the gym my legs were actually aching before I did the elliptical machine… I still did it … but I am hurting in the upper legs and  buttinski now !

Do I regret today… not at all… Do I feel good about today… Yes I do..because together … me and the team I work with… we got through the issues and we are still standing!

There is such great satisfaction in helping others, and every time there is an urgent issue—we are helping someone who needs attention right than. I am tired… mentally and will probably not make it till 11 tonight..but it is a good tired. I hope there was something that gave you a smile today.

Peace to all, and God Bless you.. Love, Mrs Justa alias Cindy