100_6432_editedDid you ever get stuck pondering so much that the simplest things seem impossible to figure out? Like being stuck in a bubble with no way out….


Things so simple as what to wear, or what to do first. It is amazing at times anyone gets anything done.

We have to try to decide what room we want the base station for the cordless phone to go in. Seems simple enough..but we can not decide. It is like trying to write the Declaration of Independence, or trying to solve the worlds problems .

I think the kitchen is the winning room. It is one of those phones that has an answering machine on the main base station and than additional phones that have like holding charges just plug in the wall but you do not need phone jacks for them. The base station is the answering machine one.

We have 3 phone jacks- so we have 3 rooms to choose from. We  have hemmed and hawed for the past hr on which room with the phone jack should win. Because we only have 3 phone jacks, and not in convenient rooms… that is why we got the phone with others that work without the phone jack. The phone has an intercom too.. so If I am in the laundry room and Mark is in the office—we can intercom each other instead of yell and hope the other hears them. He can intercom for me to get him a drink of something… and I can intercom back to get it himself !! LOL

It is weird- the house is one floor- but you can not hear people talking from one end to the other. It might as well have 3 floors. So the next dilemma will be which rooms get the phones… Oh brother—that might just short circuit my mind today !

I guess I am glad we are not dealing with the worlds problems- cuz I can assure you they would still be there tomorrow. Can you imagine if  someone came up to you and said— you have 48 hrs to straighten up the world… HA.

I guess the Spring tease and now snow flakes fluttering and it is really cold out.. it has put our minds in a whirl today. IN a while it will be better- we get to spend some time with Jeff and Amandas boys… our two grandsons.. oh that will be fun.

I have to remember the camera and yes..that will make this topsey turvey day come together. I hope you are having a great weekend. Sun is out… but at least in the Northeast—enjoy it in a house or a car !!!. Love Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy