Life is churning fast, don’t you agree? I look at people that I think I just saw not too long ago and they have aged 15 years. I look in  the mirror and I see wrinkles. My hands are “old ladies” hands.

In the gym I seem to notice how young a lot of people are.

I look at the odometer on my 2010 car and am amazed to see 50,000 miles.

Every where I look I can not believe how fast the time is going by.

My gosh, I have had cataract surgery…that is for older folks. I am going to see a doctor tomorrow for varicose veins. I take stool softeners , vitamins , calcium and Motrin as a daily regimen. I am a gramma x 3…. golly gee… where did the time go?

Last night a person from LONG ago took a step- a huge step and sent me a message on facebook. She wanted to see if I was the person she worked with in the early 70s. I sang at her first wedding. She and I had a lot of fun working at the photo finishing lab we worked at.

best photo 001And in a moment- I was 20 again. I was reliving things long past and locked in the corners of my mind. Remembering things that I did not know were stored safely in my brain , just waiting for someone to open the door to the storage area they were in, and dust them off.

So I pulled out some black and whites and found this one. We were stuffing the mailing envelopes, the ones filled with peoples mail order photos and negatives, and so carefully packaging  them to bring smiles to those who open them.

And it is weird… because I never know if anyone would remember me from long ago- I always felt like I did not make a difference. So very many people in my life have meant so much to me… but I never felt people thought the same of me.

It is cool to reconnect.  I find comfort in knowing that I am not the only one with the memories… That is what Facebook is intended for… bringing our lives together…not ripping each other apart.

Night to all… Love Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy