We are actually going to take a vacation. Now we are not vacation people so this is something sort of special.

It is a ways off, but the anticipation is starting already. Time away from every day life. Time to just watch the sun rise , the sun set.

It is kinda scary that we are going to be on a strip of land surrounded by ocean… that is kinda creepy. But peace of mind is it is not on the line of earthquakes and not in tsunami territory.. so I am sure it will be wonderful

No plans, no tours, just relax as the waves slap against the sand and the heat of the sand feels therapeutic as you walk through it barefoot.

I am going to make sure my camera is ready— I want pics for thousands of blogs. We will pack light, and use the laundry in the home we will be in, we are going to be there with another special couple and 5 senior girls. It should be fun,

And ya know what— we need it. We need to go where our minds can clear, where sipping ice tea is not on a schedule and where a soak in a hot tub at the end of the day is a routine by weeks end.

Like I said- it is a ways off… but this photo I got off google images… it is the bait..the temptation.. the dream that will one day be a reality. Love to all. Cindy alias Mrs Justa…