green house, brandon and preston, linda and brian blair 3-2011 030

Last night was the “super moon” hyped up night. From what all the media was saying this was going to be the BIGGEST moon in 18 years. So Mark and I were telling Brandon that we were going to look for a BIG moon.

I told him we would keep looking with our eyes to see the moon.

He turned to me, prying his eyes open, and in only the way a 2 year old can so innocently say something… he said “Two blue eyes open, looking for the moon”

The moon did take it’s sweet time fulfilling our wish to see it… and I do not know about where anyone else was…green house, brandon and preston, linda and brian blair 3-2011 037 but this moon was very bright…

but to say it was the biggest one… well I have seen them much bigger. The harvest moon is always huge..and there was one a few months ago that was jigunda.

But I will give it an A+ on brightness.

Brandon saw it, he was thrilled with seeing the moon. He was walking around for a while with his coat on, prepared for a quick jaunt outside if we needed to… but alas— it was shining through the bathroom window.. so coat came off and he went to bed talking about his 2 blue eyes seeing the moon.

Preston…green house, brandon and preston, linda and brian blair 3-2011 025he had no idea about the moon… but he knew grandpa was there and sat on his lap for quite a while. He is not talking per se- but he tries.

We had a really nice time with the boys. It just is so special as they grow to hear and see the different things they have accomplished.

Preston is a trip… he actually will sit up in his crib, looking through the bars, to see if someone is coming in the room… and he falls to sleep sitting up.

I went in an laid him back, he rubbed his face and than Jeff said he repositioned himself sideways in the crib. He will sit for long periods of time on the floor entertaining himself… and if he sees the camera… a smile comes to his face.

Yes it was a nice time….a Breath of fresh air…. Love to all, mrs Justa alias Cindy